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Loyola Marymount

Key of  F – capo 4 to C [INTRO] C  C7  F  Fm  x2 [VERSE 1] C    C7   F           

Stomping Ground

[INTRO] G G G G    G G C C   x4 [VERSE 1a] G G    G G             G G 

I Need You

[INTRO]b a c b (2x) [VERSE 1]G             C               GYou don’t realize how much I

Southeast Uplift

[VERSE 1] C | +5 G Imagine a place G  | +5 D Where you can thrive F | +5 C And you can pursue your

In Oregon

We’ve seen the rain we’ve seen the mud We’ve seen the sleet we’ve seen the floods We’ve seen the smoke we’ve seen the fire We’ve

We Shine

C     F            D#             G#                


ReAscending by VaedaVision [INTRO] F7              Em7               Dm7 F7           

What Now

This song was born on Sunday 2/27/2022. Your comments are welcome here or on the SoundCloud track. Enjoy! Feel free to record part/s on top

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden was composed in 1991-92 while in Taiwan – during the Zow period.

What does the Fox Say?

Dog goes “woof” Cat goes “meow” Bird goes “tweet” And mouse goes “squeek” Cow goes “moo” Frog goes “croak” And the elephant goes “toot” Ducks

Yes It Is

[Verse 1] If you wear red tonight Remember what I said tonight For red is the color that my baby wore And what’s more, it’s

So Complicated

Why do things have to be so complicated? Falling apart at the seams – aaaah Oh this tower we’ve built with our own hands is

The Only One

You are the only one I ever think about We could have so much fun If you would think of me I nearly caught your

Mr Bill

Mr Bill now don’t be shy Don’t watch the world just pass you by You must dig deep To find your inner pearl And the


[INTRO] [VERSE] Em  B7   D   A    E    Em  B7   D   A    E                       


It’s a hard world to live in I never know what I am looking for or what I’ll find Just when I’m about to give

Guest Artists

Webaissance Digital


Songs A Single StepCaptain HardyCollege DegreeHuman VolcanoMy SkyStraight To My HeadTommy DunnWhat Would You Do?

Webaissance Digital


“OINK” A studious guitarist and songwriter – Rubuhto  is known to develop crushes on various guitars behind the back of his previous favorite guitars. He

Webaissance Digital

Pokey Twig

Songs 10 Feet In Front of MeReverseWhisper A Dream

Webaissance Digital


VaedaVision on SoundCloud: Songs All the PeopleAnd SoAnybody Home?Billy GoatCadoggleCaptain HardyCarouselDances of the Upper WorldDifferent DietDifferent LightDon’t Trash AnythingGardens of AnkenyGood for the GooseGrand

Webaissance Digital

Alton Spencer

Alton Spencer on Amazon Alton Spencer Youtube Channel Songs For YouSweet Child

Recent Songbooks

Webaissance Digital

Magic Moon VaedaVision Musiteria 1

Tonight Wandering Piano Sonata #1 The Only One In Your Hair Touch the Moon L-O-V-E Overpass Billboards Magic Spell Different Light Mr Bill Providence Trombone

Life Has No Rules

Life Has No Rules Life Has No Rules by VaedaVision G          D               Am     

Webaissance Digital

Magic Moon Musical by VaedaVision

Piano Sonata #1 Touch the Moon Wandering The Only One In Your Hair Magic Spell Different Light Overpass Billboards L-O-V-E Providence Trombone Tribute Music Box

Fathers Day 2021

Oceanside To The Ocean Cavalry Captain The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid Anybody Home? Oceanside by the Decemberists [Verse] E C#m F#m Sweet Annabelle

Dave’s Birthday Party 2021

A list of fun singalong songs and cool videos! What does the Fox Say? What does the Fox Say? by Ylvis Dog goes “woof” Cat

Webaissance Digital

Magic Moon

Piano Sonata #1 Touch the Moon Wandering The Only One In Your Hair Magic Spell Different Light Overpass Billboards L-O-V-E Providence Trombone Tribute Music Box

Musiteria Set 1

Stories of the Street Play with Fire Stories of the Street by Leonard Cohen [INTRO]A Am Am C               

Blatency Playlist 1

Nasty Weather Turn It Around The Blues Ain’t Even News Say Goodbye Maybe Tomorrow Mushroom Cloud Tommy Dunn Buhbye Nasty Weather by Rubuhto Em B7

Tangled Mango Marmalade

An instrumental 26 minute cassette album that VaedaVision produced in the mid 1990’s – about 1996ish – and never formally released. This one was lost

The Mariner’s Revenge

The Mariners Revenge Song Captain Hardy The Mariners Revenge Song by the Decemberists “Mariner’s Revenge Song” by the Decemberists on Picaresque album [Intro] Am [Verse]

RubbahVision: Unify the Goose

Zabrina VV 167 Vibes Directly from my Heart to You Unify Perfect Lie Captain Hardy Good for the Goose Damnit She’s Dead The Least Say

RubbahVision: Tommy Blues

1) Blues Ain’t Even News Bm7 VV 113 JazzOrg1 2) Nasty Weather Em VV 115 RockOrg 3) Mountain Movin’ Power of Truth C VV 156


Billy Goat Good for the Goose In Your Hair Billy Goat by VaedaVision Billy Goat by Vaedavision You want to plant an artichoke I want


Springtime Maybe Tomorrow Springtime Maybe Tomorrow by Rubuhto Maybe Tomorrow Em7 Bm7 Em7 Bm7  Em7         Bm7         Am7     

Anybody Home? Songbook

Anybody Home? Don’t Trash Anything Different Diet Carousel Legalize Freedom On Our Way (The Number Song) Little Elf / And We Rock Anybody Home? by